Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Causes of Hyperpigentation


Hyperpigmentation is caused by an excessive amount of the skin pigmentation called melanin being produced, which causes the change in skin colour to specific parts of your body and facial areas.  If you produce to much melanin then, your body's pigmentation will change color and form darkened areas particularly around the nails and parts of the facial skin.

There are several factors which can cause hyperpigmentation and lead to unwanted darkened areas, either caused through stress, excessive sun exposure, hormones, pregnancy or a particular medication you are on.  The discolouring  of facial scars can be caused by similar issues, but also through the healing process of the scar.
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People have a tendancy to panic when they see these  areas forming around the eyes and facial areas, but it's not something of huge concern and there are effective ways to go about treating and eventually removing hyperpigmentation.

How Can I Treat the Darkened Areas?

There are quite a few types of creams and medications available in the marketplace ranging from $10 to $100 depending on the product and quality. One of the stand out items  is bio skin rejuvenation treatment.  This excellent cream immediately forms a melanin blockage, which prevents the further formation of this unwanted skin pigmentation disorders. After several applications the melanin eventually breaks down and leads to a reduction in unwanted skin coloring.

There are quite a few products to help you in the removal of skin colour changes through effective remedies, but for quality and excellent value the bio skin rejuvenation cream is a stand out product in the skin care range for the effective lightening of the skin.  This product will have your skin looking healthy and vibrant and will improve the texture and overall color of your skin very quickly and is certainly one to consider for future reference.

Sun exposure to your skin is one of the worst causes and it is one of the easiest things we can control.  Staying out of the sun and using a good skin care system will greatly help with problem.